After 20 years of continuous production of the Midfield SE-MF-2 Mastering Studio Monitor we developed the LIT electrodynamic transducer as the next step forward in audio reproduction quality.

The Low Inductivity Technology LIT consists of a new designed motor, smaller moving masses and reduced mechanical resistance. In consequence resolution of the reproduction is improoved and very low harmonic and non-harmonic distortions are achieved.

By further optimizations of the compression drivers a lowered crossover point is implemented. Therefore the SE-MF-2.1 Mastering Studio Monior offers improved homogeneously dispersion resulting in a narrowed point source.

The Low Inductivity Technology LIT is also implemented in the new Midfield SE-MF-4 Mastering Studio Monitor, which replaces the SE-MF-1.

The classic Nearfield Monitor SE-NF-3 remains unchanged since the year 2006.

But why choose passive SE MASTERING STUDIO MONITORS in these days of active loudspeakers with analogue or digital controllers?  

- Precision mechanics cannot be replaced by electronics. 

- High quality passive filtering outmatches the performance of active-­analogue control. 

- The optimisation of group delay time is achieved without active-­digital control.

- Power amplifiers can only be compared by means of passive transducers. 

- Innovations in amplifier and Eq-controller constructions can be incorporated into monitoring systems where passive transducers are used. 

- The solid dimensioning of their electrical and mechanical elements guarantees acoustic reliability and sustained quality.

In addition to the SE MASTERING STUDIO MONITORS we developed the new audio amplifiers SE-PA-100 (Stereo) and SE-PA-250 (Mono). Both amplifiers using the same HGBT-Technology for lowest distortion and unprecedented resolution over the hole frequency range – look at the White Paper at

For the purest High End Mastering and audiophile listening.

Bern, Switzerland